Your Private Flight Attendant

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Want to become a corporate flight attendant?

Reach for the sky and don’t just become a CFA but a Dynamic Attendant!
The new course starts  April 2024


“Finding a good match for your private jet can be a challenge, that’s where we come in.”

We have high quality trained corporate flight attendants available for contract work.

With our experience and passion for aviation which shows in our working style you will have the best quality service on board.

Do you need assistance with finding a full-time corporate flight attendant or a freelancer? Contact us!

Your Private Flight Attendant

do it with passion or not at all

Founded by aviation professionals, Dynamic Attendants provides luxury quality service on board of your private jet.

We believe that when you have enough passion and knowledge this will show in your work. Flying on a private jet should be an amazing experience, with a Dynamic Attendant onboard we ensure your passenger has the highest customer service possible.

With multiple years of experience in the private aviation industry, we are positive that we can provide a match for your private jet operation.

While all corporate flight attendants are trained on all aspects of quality service at our Dynamic Academy, we are confident that we have the right qualifications!


Our latest news


Dynamic-Attendants, a leading provider of Corporate Flight attendants for private jets, is excited to announce the expansion of its operations with a second location in the Bahamas. With this new location, Dynamic-Attendants is well-positioned to deliver top-notch...

Best Corporate Flight Attendant Training Provider 2022

Corporate Vision has announced the Aviation and Aerospace Awards. Dynamic attendants have been named Best Corporate Flight Attendant Training Provider 2022! We at Dynamic Attendants are very happy with this, it is a recognition of our hard work over the past 4 years...

Dynamic Attendants on TV

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Just looking at the clouds passing by!

Have you ever sat on an airplane, on a window seat, just looking at the clouds passing by? Does this feeling ever get old? I don’t think it’ll ever will. There is a saying by Leonardo da Vinci “Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your...


I exactly remember the moment I fell in love with aviation and I’ll never forget the moment that I could step on board of my first airplane as a 6 year old girl. So excited I was during the whole flight, at that moment I probably already knew.. my love for aviation...

Do what you love and love what you do!

Written by our Hostess Anouk The statement "do what you love and love what you do" might seem common but it made me realize something.I realized that when you are doing what you love and loving what you do the drive to make every experience a unique one becomes more...

Following our passion

Following our passion for luxury hospitality and traveling! By becoming a Dynamic Attendant you show that you are quality, you are passionated, professional and always serving with a smile.Our motto is making your flight into the best experience. This shows in...

Are you ready for take off?

I remember the time when I realised I wanted to become a corporate flight attendant very well. I was working for an airline and noticed a private jet parked next to us. My captain who used to be a corporate pilot took me with him to visit the plane. I remember that as...
Foto Iris

Let us introduce our crew member Iris

My name is Iris and as a little girl I always dreamed of becoming a flight attendant. Traveling at a young age, the friendly smiles of cabin crew made me draw airplanes and dream of exciting destinations. Now that I grew older I know there’s more to the job than...

Coincidence does not exist!

We all know that moment that you’ll never forget, that moment when you just knew instantly that it was a match. Let’s talk about a great team and how our dream team began. Years ago while still working at an airline, I remember that time, a young girl coming in at the...

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