Coincidence does not exist!

We all know that moment that you’ll never forget, that moment when you just knew instantly that it was a match.

Let’s talk about a great team and how our dream team began.

Years ago while still working at an airline, I remember that time, a young girl coming in at the office for her cabin attendant internship interview.

She knew how to talk, understood what was needed and had just about everything. Except for a major point which was just added a month before her joining. A point I put into place myself.

That was the moment that I realized someone does not always need to check all the boxes. The one who has the passion and just feels right and you know it can be an even better fit than the one that does fit all the criteria.

If you have someone for an interview and misses maybe 1 year of experience, doesn’t live in the requested city or is 1 year younger than what you requested? Will you not give that person a chance? I chose to ignore that and hired her as an intern and mentored her as she finished her last year of aviation services college.

After leaving the airline world, I still had the feeling the choice was right, so we followed each other through corporate aviation. It still felt like it was the best choice!

And what a great decision was that! What I didn’t know at that time that the girl who didn’t check the “age” box, would be my best intern and later on best colleague and friend! Now years later, Joske is the one beside me when we are following our passion and growing the company!

Always follow your gut and passion, work hard and you’ll never know, maybe the person next to you will help you and stand by you when you follow your dream.

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Elevating Convenience – We’re Now Accepting AVCARD by WorldFuel!

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