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what do we offer?

Dynamic Attendants started to help out people and to make the barrier lower to enter the private jet industry.

It is important for us, that you have the passion to follow your dreams. Our training consist of five training days on which you’ll learn everything you need to know about your dream job.

Why book with us?
We strongly believe that quality will show. We prepare you to bring out the best of your abilities. A great combination of theoretical and practical classes given by professionals will train you from the basics of aviation to the highest etiquette and wine knowledge with the finishing touch of personal branding given by our partner will prepare you fully for the job.

What makes us different from all other training providers is that we are the only one with a full private jet mock-up. Why will this help you? By training in a real life environment with passenger actors which will simulate the flight. You can put your theoretical knowledge into place whilst our instructors are present.

5-day Training Course

Do you want to specialize yourself as a corporate flight attendant? We have the perfect training for you!

Our 5-day course offers an extensive training which covers all job aspects of a corporate flight attendant. You will learn about the culinary & service tasks and also about how to present yourself on the job and when applying for your dream job.

We fully prepare you on all service, culinary and personal branding aspects for the private jet industry.
During this training we will prepare you for the standard operations needed to work on a purpose build private jet.
Our training is fully focused on the onboard experience and to make sure that your guests have the best quality service possible. We do offer optional flight safety trainings via one of our approved cabin crew training organization partners.

Guest speaker

Specially for aviation colleges! An adjusted class to inform and teach students about the other side of aviation, the corporate aviation world. One of our trainers will visit your college to be a guest speaker for your students.

Company Training

An extensive training course adjusted to your company needs and procedures.

We will make sure your employees are highly trained on all culinary & service tasks needed to give your passengers the best on board service experience.

Dynamic Attendants has multiple trainings available for the individual, schools and businesses.

Pictures from training days

What do our students say

This training is perfect for everyone starting in business aviation. The smallest details are discussed and it’s very all round. Catering, flower arrangements, wine pairing and basically everything you need to know is being told. It’s a perfect combination of theory and practical experience. The stunning mock-up is identical to a falcon and definitely helps with the overall experience. It’s as if you are on board a real jet.  It’s very nice to be able to familiarize and visualize everything you’ll learn during training. Maud and Joske both have so much experience in the industry and it’s noticeable during training. It’s nice to be able to pick their brain. The overall training exceeded my expectations.


We all know that it is not always easy to find the company or training that suits you best.
Let me make your life a bit easier by sharing some of my experience.

This 5-day training course has been filled with passion, enthusiasm, commitment, variety and know-how.

Maud and Joske do have a lot of personal experiences to share that helps you to create a good insight into what’s being a Corporate Flight Attendant is all about.

Having the opportunity to familiarise yourself with flower arrangements, catering orders and wine tasting is amazing. Although I can tell you that nothing will prepare you better than having the real-life flight experience, while practising with colleagues or guest, in the outstanding mock-up.

The sky is the limit!


The CFA training was a great experience for me. I’ve learned a lot regarding everything you need to know the become a Corporate Flight Attendant.
The trainers were nice and helpful. I would highly recommend this training if you would like to know more about how to become a Corporate Flight Attendant.

When you want to become a Corporate Flight Attendant, I can recommend the Dynamic Attendants training. Maud and Joske are very passionate about the profession and know so much about it. They have a variety of classes to offer.

First, you will begin with some theory, which you will later bring into practice. The training has a good and logical structure, which will take you from the beginning to the end. And believe me, your working day as a Corporate Flight Attendant starts way before the actual flight(s)!

You learn to read your passenger profiles and create a personalized menu for them. They also teach you to make the right catering orders. And do you want to pair your wine with the right food? They will tell you more about that too. Furthermore, there are classes on flower arrangements, make-up lessons and hospitality skills. Never a dull moment during your training at Dynamic Attendants!

On the last day of the training, you can use all your knowledge to apply it in practice. You are going to do a ‘flight’ in the mock-up with real passengers. At the end of the training, you will feel confident to work as a Corporate Flight Attendant!


 What are you waiting for?
become a corporate flight attendant

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