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Making your flight into the best experience!

Dynamic Attendants is a young & dynamic company with a great passion for aviation.

Providing Corporate Flight Attendant Training & Freelance Services.

Our build-up knowledge and experience will guarantee a fast track of expertise and high availability for newcomers & operators.

Travelling the world, doing what we love

 Following our passion for luxury hospitality and traveling! By becoming a Dynamic Attendant you show that you are quality, you are passionated, professional and always serving with a smile.

Our motto is making your flight into the best experience. This shows in everything we do, together we are strong and dependable.

By serving your passengers the dynamic way you improve the on board experience. Traveling on a private jet should be perfect, it should give you the wow effect when walking on board. With our experience we want to work together and provide this experience for your passengers.

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What do our clients say?

Professionalism, dedication and personal attention that is where the Dynamic attendants stand for. Having used their service on multiple occasions we always experienced top notch service. Dynamic attendants are really a part of your own team with a keen eye for detail which makes you stand out from the crowd.As a full service luxury travel agency we are pleased to have Dynamic attendants as one of our partners and can only recommend to give it a try and experience it yourself.

88 Lifestyle

“Dynamic Attendants services are simply amazing; it’s a real pleasure to collaborate with a company sharing Global Jet same values. We can only recommend Dynamic Attendants for any company willing to high end and professional services”


“Having flown in excess of 50 flights with Dynamic Attendants I can say they are next level in providing amazing service.

The most important thing about flying private is having an air hostess make me feel at home. Its not about gold laced plates but understanding the small details a client prefers and delivering this in any situation. This is something that seems simple but extremely difficult to achieve for most. Dynamic Attendants have not only mastered this skill but taken it to a whole other level. “

Private Jet Passenger

“Once in a while, we are in need of an extra flight hostess on one of our aircraft. All Dynamic Attendants who have flown for us have extensive aircraft knowledge and keep a very high standard on board. Our passengers have always been satisfied and some frequent flyers specifically even ask for Dynamic Attendants services when booking. Whether it’s for aircraft stocking, hiring a hostess or arrange catering orders, we can highly recommend using Dynamic Attendants!“

ASL Group

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