I exactly remember the moment I fell in love with aviation and I’ll never forget the moment that I could step on board of my first airplane as a 6 year old girl. So excited I was during the whole flight, at that moment I probably already knew.. my love for aviation was real.

Years later I followed my passion. After going to aviation college and working for different airlines and hospitality companies I still enjoy it every day.I’ve learned so much during my time in aviation, from serving on economy flights up to business class, and now even on private jets.

High quality service and hospitality is in my heart, I always wanted to take that step into the private jets but as it is such a small industry, it felt unreachable. Until I found my match in Dynamic attendants, this is my moment and chance to take my service experience to the next level. 

I’m looking forward to show my passion and follow my dreams!

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Elevating Convenience – We’re Now Accepting AVCARD by WorldFuel!

Elevating Convenience – We’re Now Accepting AVCARD by WorldFuel!

Dynamic Attendants is excited to announce a new payment option, AVCARD by WorldFuel, effective November 1, 2023 significantly enhancing customer transaction experience. AVCARD, a trusted global aviation fuel card by WorldFuel Services Corporation, provides effortless transactions, enhanced security, and is widely accepted at numerous aviation service points.



Dynamic-Attendants, a leading provider of Corporate Flight attendants for private jets, is excited to announce the...

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