Are you ready for take off?

I remember the time when I realised I wanted to become a corporate flight attendant very well.

I was working for an airline and noticed a private jet parked next to us. My captain who used to be a corporate pilot took me with him to visit the plane. I remember that as the moment that I fell in love with private aviation.

Amazed I walked through the cabin, the galley and was enjoying the tour. That day after my flights I immediately started to look for more information. To my surprise I couldn’t find much. 

My friend the internet searcher “google” who usually has an answer for everything, couldn’t tell me much. 

I started networking and looking for a way in. This was a difficult time. I’ve send multiple cv’s to companies and every time I received the same answer: “you don’t have enough experience” sometimes I received the message “you have to work for a large airline and have experience in business class” I was surprised as I was working single cabin crew for a business airline, which in my opinion was closer to the real experience. However I got pushed back every time. 

I decided to go for it another way and applied and got hired for a large accomplished airline. That is the moment, that to my big surprise I received a phone call. 

Being in my training in London at the time I picked up the phone. There it was, the phone call I was waiting for all that time. 

The question was could I be there within a day for an interview. Before I even thought about it, I said yes! I’ll be there tomorrow. 

How did this happen? Well to my surprise I flown with someone who’s wife was a cabin manager and he noticed that I had a huge passion for private aviation. 

What i’m trying to say with this story is, remember to always put in your best effort, realise that you are in a glass house, if your effort and passion is showing it will be noticed. 

Don’t give up your dreams, push to get there! It is a difficult world to enter. This is also why Dynamic Attendants started, we want to help the passionate people to get the opportunity to follow their dreams. We want to show passengers that the flight can be the best experience possible with the right crew on board. Give you as a person the training you need to get that jump start in the private aviation industry.

Follow your dreams and don’t give up, you never know when the doors open for you!

Be prepared, try to look for information. Is this really what you want? It does sound glamorous, get paid to travel the world on a multimillion private jet. Serve caviar and expensive champagne? 

However is it always like this? No.. 

It’s not unusual to ask for a table for 1 for dinner on layovers, being away for weeks on end, nights without sleep or roaming cities for special requests when all you want to do is sleep. 

Missing birthdays or family events, while you where suppose to be home in time. This world can be “the everything if different show” 

Dates change, flights, plans, a lot of off-day’s can be gone. You need to be flexible. This is not without reasons. Don’t be surprised when the company asks if you have a relationship, also this is not without reasons. Why? You may ask. Well this job can ask a lot from you as a person but also from your family and partner. It can be hard for the ones left behind. 

Not to only point out the downsides, however it is good to know these things as it is not all the glamour we often see on social media. Of course we get to lay on a tropical beaches, go sightseeing in beautiful cities, experience places you normally wouldn’t even think of going to.

You meet so many interesting people in the air and on the ground. If you have this passion for hospitality and aviation you will love creating the menu’s, welcome tables and everything that needs to be done for your flight.

For me it was a match made in heaven, do I sometimes complain about the downsides? Yes, I also find it hard sometimes, but in the end? I just can’t get enough of this world. I am happy to say that I feel at home at 40,000 ft.

And now to you! Do you dream about the life you want to step in. Do you have enough passion for aviation & hospitality? Are you still excited even when reading about the downsides? 

Kick-start your career and join us in our next Corporate Flight Attendant Training!

Maud Koeman
Author: Maud Koeman

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