Corporate Flight Attendant

The first questions many people ask me whenever I say I’m a flight attendant is which airline do you work for.

When I say I work on a private jet, I can see on the shocked faces that they were not expecting that answer.

Immediately people are interested in what I do, while it’s a what I call “everything” job I try to explain it to my best abilities.

I am an aviation lover, people person and have a creative mind. Some would say it’s the perfect mix for a corporate flight attendant. I can agree it does help me, I love my office views, the creativity I can put into my work. Perfecting the food plates, welcome tables & matching my flower colors with the fruits and welcome.

Searching for a special requested wine in the middle of Africa can be challenging, even tho I love the challenge this job for which I live can be so much more than that.

I am not with a large crew, most likely I’m alone in the cabin. Imagine running a restaurant with 16 people, all the staff is sick so you are the cook, bartender and server. To make things worse you are 40.000 feet in the air in a small area with only an oven and a microwave.

It is a challenge, but I can’t say enough how much I love this challenge. The smile on my passengers faces when they see your creations is priceless!

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Elevating Convenience – We’re Now Accepting AVCARD by WorldFuel!

Elevating Convenience – We’re Now Accepting AVCARD by WorldFuel!

Dynamic Attendants is excited to announce a new payment option, AVCARD by WorldFuel, effective November 1, 2023 significantly enhancing customer transaction experience. AVCARD, a trusted global aviation fuel card by WorldFuel Services Corporation, provides effortless transactions, enhanced security, and is widely accepted at numerous aviation service points.



Dynamic-Attendants, a leading provider of Corporate Flight attendants for private jets, is excited to announce the...

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