Dynamic Attendants Academy


Dynamic Attendants started to help out people and to make the barrier lower to enter the private jet industry.

It is important for us, that you have the passion to follow your dreams. Our training consists of five training days on which you’ll learn everything you need to know about your dream job.

Why book with us?
We strongly believe that quality will show. We prepare you to bring out the best of your abilities. A great combination of theoretical and practical classes given by professionals will train you from the basics of aviation to the highest etiquette and wine knowledge with the finishing touch of personal branding given by our partner will prepare you fully for the job.

What makes us different from all other training providers is that we are the only one with a full private jet mock-up. Why will this help you? By training in a real-life environment with passenger actors which will simulate the flight. You can put your theoretical knowledge into place whilst our instructors are present.

5-day Training Course Starts in May 2021

Do you want to specialize yourself as a corporate flight attendant? We have the perfect training for you!

Our 5-day course offers extensive training which covers all job aspects of a corporate flight attendant. You will learn about the culinary & service tasks and also about how to present yourself on the job and when applying for your dream job. We fully prepare you on all service, culinary and personal branding aspects for the private jet industry. During this training, we will prepare you for the standard operations needed to work on a purpose build private jet. Our training is fully focused on the onboard experience and to make sure that your guests have the best quality service possible. We do offer optional flight safety training via one of our approved cabin crew training organization partners.

Guest speaker

Specially for aviation colleges! An adjusted class to inform and teach students about the other side of aviation, the corporate aviation world. One of our trainers will visit your college to be a guest speaker for your students.

More information?

Get more information on our Academy website or Get in touch and write us an mail.

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