Dynamic-Attendants, a leading provider of Corporate Flight attendants for private jets, is excited to announce the expansion of its operations with a second location in the Bahamas. With this new location, Dynamic-Attendants is well-positioned to deliver top-notch flight attendant services to private jet operators in Europe and beyond.

At the new Bahamas location, Dynamic-Attendants has its own operation for a private jet, making it easy to offer seamless service to its clients. They are also able to provide flight attendants for European operators who are flying to and from the Bahamas. With years of experience and a team of highly trained professionals, Dynamic-Attendants is committed to providing the highest level of service to their clients.

“We’re thrilled to be expanding our operations to the Bahamas,” Maud Koeman (CEO) for Dynamic-Attendants. “This second location will allow us to better serve our clients in Europe and beyond, and we look forward to continuing to provide exceptional flight attendant services to private jet operators around the world.”

Dynamic-Attendants is known for its dedication to customer service and its ability to provide top-notch flight attendants for private jets. With this expansion, they are poised to continue their growth and provide even more value to their clients.

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Elevating Convenience – We’re Now Accepting AVCARD by WorldFuel!

Elevating Convenience – We’re Now Accepting AVCARD by WorldFuel!

Dynamic Attendants is excited to announce a new payment option, AVCARD by WorldFuel, effective November 1, 2023 significantly enhancing customer transaction experience. AVCARD, a trusted global aviation fuel card by WorldFuel Services Corporation, provides effortless transactions, enhanced security, and is widely accepted at numerous aviation service points.

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