Always follow your dreams

When you are young, you develop a dream. If you are lucky you are able to follow that exact dream.

I’m fortunate to follow my dream and passion. Work doesn’t feel like work and I enjoy every minute of it!

Today I felt lucky, relieved and extremely happy. As some of you know my company Dynamic Attendants is growing. So much has happened since I’ve started it in 2018. I feel fortunate that my visions and passion is finally showing.

A while back, I had a dream about building a private jet cabin mock-up. This way passionate people who wanted to become a private jet flight attendant could follow their dream and start their journey in the private jet industry!

I couldn’t do this all by myself and needed some help so luckily my friend Joske agreed to join the team and help realizing the dream.

Today was the first time I could “stand” in the mock-up and wow how proud I am!

Thanks to all who believed and supported Dynamic Attendants 💚🛩

Maud Koeman
Author: Maud Koeman

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